What are the types of Drainage Submersible Pumps?

What are the types of Drainage Submersible Pumps?

What are the types of Drainage Submersible Pumps?

Drainage submersible pumps come in various types with different features and uses. They may vary depending on different factors such as functionality, flow capacity, water withdrawal depth and application areas. Here are some common types of drainage submersible pumps:

Portable Drainage Pumps: Small in size and portable, these pumps are generally used to drain liquids quickly. They are preferred in cases of flooding or minor drainage operations for domestic purposes.

Drainage and Submersible Pumps: These pumps combine both drainage and submersible functions. They have a wider range of applications and can be used in variable conditions.

Mud Drainage Pumps: Designed to drain liquids containing dense mud or solids. They are frequently used on construction sites or industrial areas.

High Flow Drainage Pumps: Used in situations where large amounts of water need to be drained quickly. They are especially effective after floods or in evacuating large puddles.

Strainer Drainage Pumps: These pumps retain solids in the liquid by filtering out large particles or solids while draining the water. Thus, they protect the pump internals and prevent clogging.

Commercial or Industrial Drainage Pumps: These pumps, which have large capacities and powerful engines, are used in industrial facilities, mines or construction sites.

These types are some examples of drainage submersible pumps designed to suit different needs and uses. The choice will depend specifically on the characteristics of the liquid to be discharged, the drainage requirements and the intended use.


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