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    Frequently Asked Questions, servicing you to supply best Technologies in controlling water and other fluids with globally best prices, presents to market competitive products and brands. It is possible to reach specific solutions for each Project in the minimum time. is not a “add cart” platform, it is beyond that. Project requirement will be met with “1-to-1” solutions, priced alternatively, designed as packaged type according to customer demands. You can find the most competitive solutions of global markets in including alternative products for requirements.
    Our head office is in Hungary-Morahalom. We have also logistics facilities in Hungary, Turkey, UAE(Dubai).
    Our all products are following worldwide norms and scope of standards.
    All products have min 2 years warranty under manufacturer responsibilities.
    We can provide start-up and after sales service for all products for all countries.
    We are in this sector for 35 years. We are also manufacturer. We are sharing our Professional experience in fluid Technologies with our partners, which are also Professional on their sector and products. So we are Professional face of manufacturers on water technology.