Metal Diaphragm Pumps

Metal Diaphragm Pumps

Metal Diaphragm Pumps

Metal diaphragm pumps are pumps generally used in heavy-duty industrial applications and equipped with diaphragms made of metal materials to increase chemical resistance. Some key features are:

Durability: Metal diaphragms can be resistant to chemicals and are resistant to abrasion.

Resistance to Corrosive Substances: When used in chemical transfer applications, they can resist acids, bases and other corrosive substances.

High Pressure Capacity: Some models may be suitable for high-pressure applications, making them ideal for meeting certain industrial requirements.

Heavy Duty Applications: Metal diaphragm pumps are used in heavy-duty industrial processes and can withstand harsh conditions because they have a solid structure.

Reliability: Metal diaphragm pumps offer reliability due to their durable construction and chemical resistance, making them preferred in industrial processes.

These pumps are generally used in chemical transfer and liquid transportation in heavy-duty industrial areas such as petrochemical industry, mining, metallurgy, automotive industry. The robust structure and chemical resistance of metal diaphragm pumps provide a significant advantage in such industrial processes.


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