Marine Submersible Pumps

Marine Submersible Pumps

Marine Submersible Pumps

Marine submersible pumps are pumps specifically designed to move, transfer or manage seawater or saltwater. They are equipped with special coatings or materials made for use in various marine environments and the salinity level of sea water.

These pumps are often used in the marine industry or other seawater-related applications. Some examples are:

Submersible Pumps Used in Maritime: They are used for purposes such as maritime transportation, discharging water for ships or marine vessels, ballast systems or ship drainage.

Special Pumps for Submarine Use: These are pumps specially designed for pumping or draining water used in submarine vehicles, submarine exploration devices or seabed research.

Pumps Used in Marine Structures and Facilities: They are used for water discharge or water management for structures such as ports, offshore platforms, submarine facilities.

These pumps are designed to withstand seawater conditions. They can be protected with special coatings to prevent corrosion caused by salt water. They are also often distinguished by their ability to operate underwater, making them ideal for use in processes such as seawater transfer or drainage.


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