Water management and infrastructure systems play a very important role today. These are among the issues on which a sustainable world and the legacy we will leave to future generations depend. Infrastructure problems in cities have always been a problem. The solution to this is to make the right constructions, install the sewer lines correctly and not pollute the water resources. Here, pumps and pipes play an important role.

Even though the drinking water problem is relatively minor now, it will be an issue that needs attention in the years to come. Therefore, we need to use water management and infrastructure systems correctly. Water supply, agriculture and irrigation, sewage drainage and treatment systems are very important.

We call the pumps we use to make most of these submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are generally used for water supply, irrigation and sprinkler systems, for controlling groundwater levels. Ornamental pools and fountains are also places where these pumps are used.

Horizontal end suction, double suction horizontal split case or vertical or horizontal centrifugal pumps are used for water supply. The same pumps are used in agriculture and irrigation, in addition to this, package type booster sets or multi-stage booster sets are used.

In waste water and drainage systems, plastic or cast drainage pumps, blade pumps, submersible pumps made of stainless steel are used. All of these vary according to the application area and the properties of the liquid to be processed. The ideal application place of submersible pumps is small diameter caisson or deep wells and tunnels. They do not require site preparation as they do not require maintenance and can only be used after being completely immersed in the fluid.

Since they work completely in the fluid, they do not cause noise and vibration, and provide comfortable communication. In addition, since the pump and motor are in conditions that cannot be interfered with by the user, malfunctions caused by errors are very few.

Water management and infrastructure is a point that needs attention from the beginning to the end of the project. Draining the required water is imperative for the proper construction environment then we need to properly discharge the wastewater in the buildings or factories. Afterwards, it is necessary to use appropriate systems for the correct management of water resources for energy saving.


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