Types of Marine Submersible Pumps

Types of Marine Submersible Pumps

Types of Marine Submersible Pumps

Marine submersible pumps come in various types with different features and uses for transporting, discharging or managing seawater. Here are some of the common marine submersible pump types:

Submersible Pumps Used on Ships: They are used on ships for purposes such as water discharge, ballast systems or evacuation of water inside the ship. These pumps are generally used to evacuate water outside or inside the ship.

Submarine Pumps: They are used to manage water for special purposes such as submarine research or submarine exploration devices. These pumps are often used to discharge or drain water in submarine vehicles.

Pumps Used in Marine Structures and Facilities: They are used for water discharge or water management for structures such as port facilities, offshore platforms, submarine facilities. They are especially important for the drainage or control of water.

Subsea Pollution Control Pumps: Used to control or clean subsea pollution. Pumps used especially in subsea pipes or underwater structures may be included in this category.

These ranges represent examples of marine submersible pumps that offer solutions for different needs for marine, marine research, port operations or offshore structures. Each has a specific area of use and characteristics and is used in a wide range of ways for the management or transfer of seawater.


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