What are the Types of Well Submersible Pumps?

What are the Types of Well Submersible Pumps?

What are the Types of Well Submersible Pumps?
Well submersible pumps come in various types with different features to draw water from water sources at different depths and transport it to the surface. Here are some of the common well submersible pump types:

Derklik Pumps: These are pumps specially designed to draw water from deep water wells. There are various models suitable for different depths.

Submersible Industrial Well Pumps: These are pumps designed for industrial use and have higher water capacity. They are used in agricultural irrigation or industrial facilities.

High Efficiency Well Pumps: These are models that consume less energy and work more efficiently. They are ideal for long-term use by saving energy.

Stainless Steel Well Pumps: Pumps made of stainless steel provide durability and resistance to corrosion. They are preferred to maintain water quality.

Multistage Well Pumps: These pumps, which consist of more than one stage, provide higher pressure and water carrying capacity. They are suitable for drawing water from deep wells.

Solar Powered Well Pumps: These are models that work with solar energy. They are ideal for use in remote areas or off-grid applications, reducing dependence on the electrical grid.

These types are some examples of well submersible pumps that vary for different depths, water capacities, energy requirements and uses. It ensures that the right pump is selected depending on the characteristics of the well, water need, depth of the well and purpose of use.


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