What should be considered before Pump Installation?

What should be considered before Pump Installation?

What should be considered before Pump Installation?

The outside of the pumps can be hard and durable material. But of course, like any material, it is vulnerable to damage. Damages may occur due to incorrect transportation and storage even before the assembly stage. Before starting the pump assembly, it is recommended that you control the transportation method before you reach that stage. It is recommended that the equipment you will use be coated with corrosion protection agents. If you are going to install the pump you bought later, not immediately, you may need to squeeze the rust-proofing materials to prevent the internal parts from rusting. (Please review the user manual) The pump should be brought to the facility in accordance with the occupational safety rules. If you are going to install the pump immediately after receiving the pump, then we can move on to the installation site of the pump.

How should the installation location of the pump be?

When installing the pumps, sufficient space must be left for operation, maintenance and control. If the pump is heavy and has a large motor and body, a traveling crane or similar equipment must be installed at the place where it was previously. There should be suitable drainage channels or a drainage pump should be used to drain floods and plumbing leaks.

Pump foundation

A very meticulous work is required in the preparation of the pump foundation and the assembly of the pump group. It is recommended that you first make the pump location suitable for the above conditions. Incorrect and careless installation will also shorten the life of the pump. For example, if there is not enough space around the installed pump to easily reach the pump, then maintenance of the pump becomes difficult. The service life of the pump, which is not maintained regularly, decreases, and this leads to premature wear of the pump parts and therefore to frequent breakdowns of the pumps. So how should the pump foundation be? The foundation of the pump must be heavy enough to dampen the vibrations. It should be just as durable in order to prevent the chassis plane and coupling misalignment. Before installing the pump, it is recommended to make sure that the base mass concrete has completely hardened and gained strength. Concrete foundations built on solid soil are generally the most preferred pump settlement foundations. (See the instruction manual for the pump base)


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