Industrial Wastewater Pump Types

Industrial Wastewater Pump Types

Industrial Wastewater Pump Types

Industrial wastewater pumps come in a variety of types that are used in different industrial environments and are often specifically designed to move large amounts of wastewater. Here are the different types of industrial wastewater pumps:

Centrifugal Pumps: These are pumps widely used in industrial wastewater transportation processes that require high flow rate and low pressure.

Submersible Pumps: These are submersible pumps that can operate directly in wastewater. They are used to discharge large amounts of wastewater or transport it to sewer systems.

Positive Displacement Pumps: These are pumps that have the ability to transport solid particles and are effective in pumping high viscosity liquids. There are various types such as gear pumps and piston pumps.

High Pressure Pumps: They are used in wastewater transportation or processing processes that require high pressure. They are especially preferred for industrial cleaning or hydraulic applications.

Diaphragm Pumps: These are pumps with high chemical resistance, suitable for the transfer of chemical wastes. They are used for the chemical industry and wastewater management.

Submersible Heavy Duty Pumps: These are durable and heavy duty pumps designed for pumping large amounts of wastewater. They are used to discharge wastewater from wells or deep pits.

Industrial wastewater pumps are used for wastewater management and transportation in industrial facilities. These pumps play an important role in processes such as transfer, processing or disposal of wastewater and ensure the effective management of the wastewater of the facilities.


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