Types of Residential Centrifugal Pumps

Types of Residential Centrifugal Pumps

Types of Residential Centrifugal Pumps

Residential centrifugal pumps come in various types with different features and uses. Here are some common varieties of these pumps:

Domestic Water Pumps: These are generally small-sized and low-power pumps used for domestic water supply. They are used to pump or transport water for showers, sinks, toilets and other domestic use areas.

Garden Irrigation Pumps: Pumps with larger water capacity are used in garden irrigation or irrigation systems. They are preferred to provide water to drip irrigation, lawn irrigation or garden irrigation systems.

System Pressurization Pumps: These are pumps used to increase water pressure in homes or to maintain a constant pressure level. They are especially used in homes or water supply systems with an extensive water distribution system.

Wastewater Transport Pumps: Some residential centrifugal pumps are used to discharge wastewater. They are especially used in basements or places where wastewater must be carried upwards.

Rainwater Collection Pumps: These are pumps used to collect and store rainwater. This water can then be used for purposes such as garden irrigation or cleaning.

These varieties represent examples of residential centrifugal pumps designed to suit different residential needs. Each is designed for a specific purpose and has different features for domestic or garden use, such as water supply, pressurization or transport.


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