Maintenance of Pump

Maintenance of Pump

Maintenance of Pump

Equipments used in production… Long-life of assisting units… efficiency of machines used in industrial zones…

In fact, all these points are heading one important issue; maintenance.

Let’s admit, we do not have a habbit of making maintenance unless machines are broken. When machine gives an error, then we are making maintenance. Then we complain of short-life time of the machine when it is broken because of not looking after it. However, long-life time and more efficiency and other important details take us to the significance of maintenance. Periodical maintenance provide us to get maximum efficiency from our equipments.

We want to share some information about maintenence which is one of important factor determinining sustainability, efficiency, reliability of equipment.

Let’s start with basic maintenance methods.

Pump Maintenance incudes; Submersible Pump Maintenance, Centrifugal Pump Maintenance

Fire Pump Maintenance, Booster Maintenance. We will study on protective maintenance and fixing maintenance.

Periodical Pump Maintenance

In specific time periods and in specific working hours, this type pf maintenance should be performed. This increased the efficiency, extends the life time of pump. There is no need to perform this type of maintenance when there is a damage or disfunctionality.

Similar to protective maintenance, this should be run to prevent potential problems and should be performed repeatedly in specific periods.

Otherwise, disfunctioning equipment which run until the last second, will cause work loss and of course financial losses.

Daily Controls

Some maintenance work should not be long-term, but Daily. This stabilizes the efficiency and reduces the total maintenance costs. Also helps to avoid bigger problems with larger costs .So, what are Daily controls in pump maintenance?

  • Bearing temperatures should be check Daily.
  • Check oil color and density because water may leak into oiling water.
  • Check possible oil leakage and be sure there is no leakage.
  • Check sealing elements, be sıre there is no leakage.
  • Control temperature of cooling systems.
  • Check network voltage.
  • Check sound and vibration controlls.

Monthly Controls

Monthly controls are “long term” maintenance type. No need to perform in Daily basis, monthly is enough, includes following steps mainly;

  • Check oil level. In case of low level, you should add.
  • Clean oil indicator and filling stoppers
  • Check shaft and other equipments

Yearly controls

Last of our controls; Daily,monthly and yearly. This type is more detailed and includes,

  • Check pump running status
  • Check assisting equipments after pump control
  • Clean assisting equipments like valve, oiling tools
  • Check wearings.
  • Check pump shaft and motor shaft
  • If needed, dismantle equipments and then check
  • Check coupling alignment
  • Check control panel settings and clean the control panel


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