Well Centrifugal Pumps

Well Centrifugal Pumps

Well Centrifugal Pumps

Well centrifugal pumps are pumps specifically designed to draw groundwater from wells and transport it to the surface. These types of pumps provide water supply in homes, agricultural irrigation systems, industrial facilities or for irrigation purposes using groundwater resources.

Some of its features are:

Deep Well Use: Well centrifugal pumps are generally designed to draw water from deep water wells. There are different models suitable for different depths.

High Efficiency: Models with high water absorption capacity and energy efficiency are available. This allows water to be effectively attracted and transported to the surface.

Stainless Steel Bodies: Some models are made of stainless steel to be resistant to the chemicals contained in well water.

Automatic Control Systems: Some well centrifugal pumps operate automatically by sensing that the water level has dropped, and they automatically turn off when the water level drops to a certain point, which helps protect the pumps.

Various Power Options: Models are available in different power and capacity, providing options for different well depths and water needs.

These pumps are designed to extract groundwater from wells and are generally used to transport water to the surface and make it usable. Well centrifugal pumps, which are used in different areas such as providing drinking water at home, agricultural irrigation or industrial use, are selected depending on the depth of the well and the water need.


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