Wastewater Centrifugal Pumps Types

Wastewater Centrifugal Pumps Types

Wastewater Centrifugal Pumps Types

Wastewater centrifugal pumps come in various types according to different usage needs and wastewater transportation requirements. Here are some types of wastewater centrifugal pumps:

Sewage Pumps: These are typical pumps used to transport domestic or industrial wastewater to sewage systems. They generally have the capacity to carry large amounts of wastewater.

Submersible Wastewater Pumps: Designed to work in areas with high liquid levels. It is generally submersible type and carries and discharges the wastewater by drawing it into the pump.

Industrial Wastewater Pumps: These are pumps specially designed to transport wastewater in industrial facilities. They have features such as chemical resistance, high performance and reliability.

Rainwater Pumps: These are pumps used to drain accumulated water during heavy rains. These pumps can drain puddles quickly and effectively.

Models for Various Applications: There are various models specially designed for use in different areas such as the agricultural sector, treatment facilities, and ship industry.

These varieties represent various types of wastewater pumps specifically designed and manufactured taking into account different areas of use and needs. Which type to use is selected depending on factors such as the amount of wastewater, its content, and the distance it needs to be transported.


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