Special Narrow Well Pumps

Special Narrow Well Pumps

Special Narrow Well Pumps

Special narrow well pumps are special pumps designed specifically for narrow diameter wells that have limited space and cannot be reached by standard pumps. These pumps function to draw water into wells that are narrow and often inaccessible to other standard pumps. Some key features are:

Special Design for Narrow Diameter Wells: They are usually specially designed to fit into narrow wells. These pumps adapt to the limited space of the well.

High Efficiency: They can draw water efficiently thanks to their structure optimized for narrow wells.

Durability: They are made of durable materials and are resistant to chemicals in the water or corrosion on the well walls.

Different Depth and Power Levels: They can be found in different power levels and models to suit different depths and water needs.

Submersible or Surface Type Options: Some may be submersible, that is, pumps located in the water, and some may be surface type, that is, pumps located on the surface of the water.

These types of special narrow well pumps are usually designed for wells where standard size pumps cannot reach and operate. They are preferred especially when there is a need to draw water in narrow and limited areas. They are specially designed and manufactured to meet the water needs and adapt to the narrow structure of such wells.


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